A house towards landscape

Our residential project Panoramic House
has been published in CASA VIVA’s magazine number 287 (pages 64 to 81).

“To ON-A it is very important that our projects broadcast emotion, this house is oriented in a way that conferes a high value to the landscape, treating it as if it was an architectural element (…)”

“The structure is made out of concrete and has been conceived from its basement to the roof. (…) The almost 5 meters overhang has been made with a post-tensioned structure, which is commonly used in bridges, allowing the users of this house to benefit from the connexion between the interior and the exterior spaces all year long.”

“Panoramic House is such a unique project, as it has been designed specifically for the family that inhabits it, and where ON-A has applied a highly intelligent and sustainable constructive system (…)”

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