Hermeticity in “Design for living” by IAAC

Our project Hermeticity in Design for Living in the International Competition Book Launch by Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), is a global reflection on the rethinking of the human habitat that includes more than 120 projects and proposals.

Hermeticity is an experimental study consisting of a vertical city capable of providing the basic necessities for human life in difficult environments.

The IAAC held its 8th Advanced Architecture Competition entitled “Design for Living“. This event provides an opportunity for global reflection on human habitats, at a time when we are asked to contemplate how we would like to live in the coming decades. We like to think that each person’s life begins in their home, the center of their universe, and the origin of their social interactions. During the pandemic, we have retreated into our homes, and they have become micro-cities where we live, work, and rest, connected to the world via information networks.

Participants are encouraged to create a design related to their way of life, at a scale that most interests them, from our body to the city, anywhere in the world, and reflecting different cultural, environmental, economic, and social conditions. In total, the competition received 193 submissions from all over the world, and the book includes all of the competition rules and results, the 33 members of the international jury, and the images and information of the 126 selected projects. Together, these efforts enable us to construct a contemporary view of how design is shaped today and will continue to be shaped in the future.


Published by Actar Publishers
3D Visualization: PLAY-TIME
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The Design for Living Book is now on sale at Actar Publishers