El espacio de ON-A en Barcelona surge de la necesidad de ampliación como laboratorio teórico-práctico de arquitectura.

Barcelona, Spain

ON-A Headquarters


400 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Joan Sorrondegui,
Jordi Farell, Ricard Gonzalvo,
David Labori,
Elena Roland, Aude Croiset,
Anaïs Millot, Ignacio Pérez,
Barbara Badosa
Technical architect
Xavier Badia (Vinclament)

Lluis Ros



The ON-A space arises from the need to expand as a theoretical-practical laboratory of architecture, accommodating new research projects related to digital technologies and parametric production processes. The objective was to create a centre with exhibition capacity, open to clients, collaborators, and all those interested in knowing our work.

The renovation began in 2009, turning a basement into an open office that revolves around a central heart formed by the courtyard and its green wall. The central patio is the centre of the space: it distributes natural light and thanks to a vertical green wall it brings nature into the interior of the spaces.

The place is characterized by being an open structure for research, collaboration and production conceived to generate the solutions demanded by the different collective groups within the field of design and architecture.

The rules that apply are those of openness and transparency, through open space and a meeting room surrounded by glass. Apart from the workspace, there is a room for 3D printing and digital production and a large open space for distribution, which is used as a showroom for models and projects. Training events and presentations are organized weekly in the office.