ON-A pushes innovation at the Smart Cities World Congress 2024 – Curitiba, Brazil

ON-A actively participated in the Smart City Expo Curitiba 2024 (SCECWB), held from 20 to 22 March under the theme “Reinventing Cities for All”. The event, promoted by the prefecture of Curitiba and organised by Fira de Barcelona and iCities, brought together experts from around the world to share ideas and solutions on how to create a better and more sustainable future for cities and their citizens.
As part of the SCECWB, Eduardo Gutiérrez, co-founder of ON-A, presented the company’s vision for urban transformation. This vision is based on the integration of innovative technological solutions with a social and environmental approach. He also shared success stories of ON-A‘s collaboration with BIOO, a leading biotechnology company that applies nature and green technology to urban design. Together, we are redefining the boundaries of sustainability and energy efficiency in cities.
ON-A’s participation in the SCECWB reaffirms its commitment to the development of sustainable and inclusive smart cities that provide a better quality of life for all their citizens.

ON-A and the Municipality of Curitiba explore the implementation of biobatteries
ON-A met with the Mayor of Curitiba, Rafael Greca, and the Municipal Secretary of Environment, Marilza Dias, to discuss the implementation of biobatteries in the city.
The biological batteries of Bioo, ON-A’s partner company, are an innovative and sustainable technology, energy generated by the soil, through the meticulous analysis of natural biodiversity and the ingenious use of microorganisms present in the soil. During the meeting, various locations for the installation of these batteries in Curitiba were analysed, with the aim of contributing, under an innovative design, to the sustainability and energy efficiency of the city.

Sharing success stories with the Curitiba Municipal Environment Secretariat (SMMA)
We also had the opportunity to explain some of ON-A’s bioarchitecture projects and compare them with similar cases in Curitiba. This information will allow SMMA (Secretaria Municipal do Meio Ambiente) to assess the feasibility of implementing similar solutions in the city, with the aim of improving sustainability and energy efficiency.

Discovering Curitiba, a smart and sustainable city model
The city of Curitiba, Brazil, was selected as the smartest city in the world at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 (SCEWC) in Barcelona. With a commitment to sustainable mobility and the creation of green spaces, Curitiba offers an example for other cities around the world to follow.
ON-A had the opportunity to visit different public spaces, the object of study. Among them, the “Solar Pyramid of Curitiba” stands out, the first photovoltaic plant installed on a deactivated landfill in Latin America, an example of how to reuse degraded spaces to generate clean energy.
Another “must-see” was the “Jardim Botânico de Curitiba“, located in the heart of the city. The jewel in the park’s crown is the art nouveau greenhouse, an architectural masterpiece that houses a wide variety of tropical plants.
These public spaces, along with many others that are part of Curitiba’s urban fabric, are a sign of the city’s commitment to sustainability and the quality of life of its citizens.

International Fair: Smart City Expo Curitiba 2024 (SCECWB)
Location: Curitiba – Brazil
Attendees: 16,000
Exhibitors: 70
Speakers: 180
Countries: 45+


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