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Pergola Glories Square

With the new master plan for the Plaza de las Glorias appears the need to develop a provisional square where the proposal builds on a big pergola that protects from the sun and traffic, which marks a reference to the pedestrians, and brings quality to the space while it captures energy with solar panels. A temporary pergola to be reused in the future built with a wood recycling system called OBS. The idea is that the structure will build on module boxes with a geometry that offers a topography program based on the different uses.

Client: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
Location: Barcelona
Area: 3.400 m2 ㎡

Project: 2013
Construction: -

Creative director: Jordi Fernández, Eduardo Gutiérrez
Executive director: Jordi Fernández
Team: Georgina Morales y Estel·la Bosch

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