Edificio en primera línea de mar ubicado en Mataró, Barcelona. Urbanización de jardín privado cuenta con piscina, solárium, zona de hamacas.


Eteric Residencial

24.000 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Georgina Morales
Saúl Ajuria
Ernest Ruiz
Javier Bernal
Claudia Antonacci
Luciana Teodózio
3D Visualization


The land-use planning project for an area on the seafront is the context for a study on the most efficient development solution, looking into the co-existence of social housing, rent-controlled housing and market-rate housing typologies in the same building. The proposal shows the volumetric solutions and the analysis of the implementation of the different types of housing and tertiary uses that need to coexist. The distribution is organized according to uses, situating the market-rate units in the most valuable areas of the building. The importance of complying with the provision of parking spaces is also taken into account, especially for the MPU (minimum project units), since that factor will determine the possibility of building independently without having to agree on joint construction with the neighboring lots.

Functional Program
It is a new construction project of 119 homes in two building volumes (69 homes on plot 6.1 and 50 homes on plot 6.2), underground parking for 131 car spaces, 24 motorcycle spaces and 119 storage rooms, located in the sector PMU of Mataró, Maresme region. The project consists of two residential volumes, a large green area and a low body, housing a total of 119 homes with 4, 3 and 2 bedrooms. All homes have space for the natural and mechanical drying of clothes, as well as space for personal and general storage. Each block is located at a different elevation and is distributed through a central core. All counters and technical rooms are located in their respective lobby areas. On the roof of the linear block, there will be a communal pool, and the one in the tower is destined to the private terraces of the immediately lower houses.

Open green spaces
The common space of the urbanization has been designed in order to offer a better quality of life to the inhabitants, enjoying green spaces and outdoor activities. The garden has a swimming pool, solarium, hammock area, children’s playground with games and green areas. The interior routes are accessible to give access to the two buildings. In the center, a paved platform houses the pool, protected by a controlled perimeter for children. The proposal includes the planting of several trees that give this space privacy while offering shade for the hottest days.


ETERIC RESIDENCIAL from 24studio on Vimeo.