Proyecto que utilizamos la bioarquitectura para crear un edificio green de lujo y para conectar de nuevo con la naturaleza en espacios urbanos.


Bio-Tech Tower

39.500 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Luciana Teodózio
Estel·la Bosch
Georgina Morales
Arian Hakimi
3D Visualization


This tower of luxury homes in Taipei paints of green the landscape on the banks of the Tamsui River. It is a layer of technological green that appeals to sustainability from materiality, management and maintenance. In this project, we use bioarchitecture to create a green building, to be able to feel that we reconnect with nature while still living in urban spaces. In psychology, the colour green is associated with relaxation, harmony and freshness. The design of this building wants to transmit an emotion of well-being and health in its inhabitants and all its surroundings.

Project Description
A 39-storey tower is planned for luxury homes in the city of Taipei, in an area undergoing an urban transformation with a facade to the Tamsui River.

The green of the building, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of the intervention and improving the quality of life of citizens, seeks the emotional interaction of the end-user. Its facade, a large structural mesh, allows a large glazed surface so that all rooms are connected to the outside. A green stripe is projected on the perimeter of each floor, helping to distance the user from the constructed limit, thus providing a greater sense of security.

Functional program
The interior of this 150 m high tower is organized in various uses: on the ground floor we find a large access hall that serves the rest of the building, the next three floors are for the residential club, from the 4th floor and up to the 35th,there are three types of housing solution, and from level 36 (129’70m) develops the community area including gym, pool and a restaurant.

Environmental benefits
The uniqueness of a project works as a catalyst for positive emotions: physical-visual well-being, comfort with sustainable materials are factors that actively contribute to the health of its occupants and flexible usability of the designed spaces.

With these types of projects, we seek to re-naturalize cities to reconnect people with the natural environment and thus favour the balance of ecosystems. For this, we have specialists in urban bio-construction, experts in the management and optimization of water resources.