El primer proyecto de ON-A se situó en una población de veraneo de la Costa Brava. Los recursos aplicados estimulan todos nuestros sentidos.

The uniqueness of this project stems from its structure, which may seem somewhat confusing at first, but gradually becomes perceptible and ordered: a branching system that hierarchizes each space, while generating a transparency that results in a continuity that allows for interaction between users. In terms of the programme, each of the areas comprises clearly defined uses: the bar area, a section reserved for groups, more general seating areas, and, as the epicenter, the VIP zone.

Taking a regular footprint with a floor area of 200 m², a long bar is surrounded by the two areas reserved for groups, and the common spaces that foster more interaction nearer to the bathrooms. The language of the structural matrix appears in plan through a pattern on the flooring that adapts to the geometry of the bar and the VIP zone.