ON-A - Instituto de Educación Física. INEF - This proposal arises from a deep analysis of the location and environment; it is a study of the existing to design the future of the Seu. The project, which is located in the most fertile zone of the Valira River, takes as an architectonic referent the Castellciutat.

The project’s adaptation to the environment

Based on plot characteristics and the requested program and its surface,
the following measures were applied:

– Generate a maximum line of building occupancy with a distance of 3.5 m from the limits of the plot. In this manner, it is possible to have air within the bordering plot.

– Organize the programme in an elongated band which is located on the Northern side of the plot. As a result, the maximum exposition to the sunlight is received by the Southern part of the plot, and the building does not shadow the rest of it. Furthermore, it ends the plot on the limit and it creates a Northern windscreen for the external programme of the ground floor.

– This programmatic band bends on the extreme North to construct the plot’s closing on the limits of the Northeast and creates access to the principal entrance to the campus.

– A new topography connected with the existing one rises the ground floor and allows to potentiate the integration of the campus within the environment. The project turns out to be a reference similar to the Castellciutat which is a building in the territory, generating a valley of activities inside the mountain which is protected by the perimetral topography.