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Green Nest House

A 100% recyclable and modular house

Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
3D Visualization
Marc Canut
Technological Partner
Construction Company



A 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable and
100% healthy design house.



Architecture, sustainability and technology come together to create innovative eco designed houses, in a new, more harmonious and respectful industrial revolution. A design inspired by Nature and perfected by the current wood industry, which meets the highest requirements for quality and profitability, to provide durability, warmth and comfort to your home.

Minimal environmental impact
and high energy efficiency

The compact design and tight footprint of this house provides a maximum
energy efficiency, both during construction and throughout its useful life.

100% Zero emissions and minimal environmental impact
All the energy consumed in the production process comes from renewable sources. Materials
with minimal environmental impact are also used in the manufacturing process. The
construction ensures the minimum production of waste throughout the life cycle of the home.

Objective zero cosume
The house adapts to the principles of bioclimatic architecture to reduce energy demand.

100% gray water recovery
The house allows the reuse of 100% of the gray water for irrigation.

Healthy and digitized spaces
The design focuses on the health and comfort of the people who inhabit the house. It uses
healthy and natural materials, without contaminants. Every corner has been digitized to offer a
better user experience when managing the home.

Construction system

The Green Nest House seeks to meet two main objectives: sustainability, in terms of its production and maintenance, and total integration with the landscape. The house is camouflaged by a simple effect in its geometry, looking ‘shy’ towards the neighbors while offering a compact design and maximum energy efficiency.The warmth of the wood is transmitted through the entire external structure, as well as in the interior floors and walls. This makes it possible to create a high-performance construction system that in turn optimizes energy use.

Green Nest House, casa unifamiliar con sistema de prefabricado en madera, diseño compacto y superficie con máxima eficiencia energética.

Functional program

The house is divided into two zones integrated through an interior patio that provides cross ventilation and allows the entry of natural light to illuminate the rooms that surround it. In the front of the house are distributed the living-dining room and the main room. The kitchen, study and guest room are organized to the sides, framed by a small cantilever that extends over the perimeter of the roof. The plot is surrounded by nature and located close to a river. In this context, the design looks for a total integration of the house with the exterior space through green roofs and large windows.