A ROADMAP TO REACH OUR MISSION AND VISION, strategic plan 2023 presentation

We kicked off 2023 by presenting the strategic plan to ON-A’s team. A strategic plan is essential for the success of ON-A, as it serves as a roadmap to help the studio reach its mission and vision. By outlining the steps necessary to achieve the desired goals, a strategic plan provides a clear path to success and helps ensure that the studio remains on track.
Understanding ON-A’s context is the first step in strategic planning. This involves developing a mission and a vision, being aware of your own culture and values, assessing potential opportunities and threats, and determining the core competencies.
The next step in the strategic planning process is to create a strategy document. This document should outline the major components and strategies of the strategic plan. Additionally, it should also provide a detailed objective-based roadmap for achieving the goals of ON-A. This document should also consist of key performance indicators to measure ON-A’s progress.
Once the strategy is developed, ON-A must communicate the plan to those involved in the organization, such as employees, partners, investors, and customers. This communication is essential, as it enables everyone to understand their role and be aware of any changes in goals or strategies.
In conclusion, strategic planning is essential for the success of any organization and is critical to the success of ON-A. Done properly, the process will allow for clear communication between all stakeholders, provide objectives and timelines to achieve goals, and give the organization a competitive advantage.


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