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St John’s park pavilion

The development of a prototype as a pavilion in one of the parks in the district of Manhattan, is stimulated in a practical exercise in exploring parametric structures that expand the vision of the possibilities offered by the implementation of this technology. This time the project is a public space that with his centrality and disuse, try to revalue this urban void not only with the presence of the pavilion. The global proposal includes urban furniture and pavements to emphasize the radial nature and geometry of the place. Also the pavilion responds to a three-dimensional mesh  that is coded to coordinates and main axes where are sets the diamond geometry and the scale of the openings deployed as a protective surface taking as reference the formal structure of deployé.

Client: privado
Location: New York
Area: 200 m2 ㎡
Program: ephemeral

Project: 2016
Construction: -
Budget: confidencial

Creative director: Jordi Fernández, Eduardo Gutiérrez
Executive director: Luka Kreze
Team: Nicolás Millán, Marc Canut, Georgina Morales

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