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Tech Data Stand

A stand that offers a journey into a world where the physical and the virtual worlds get together. The idea is to start from a place where visitors feel like they’re in an airport terminal. A minimalist, relaxed and interactive place where the traveler should push the boundaries of reality to immerse them in the TD Mobile World. The stand consists of a ground floor free, open and transparent where the structural elements that hold the top element are used at the same time as a continuous display screen where different brands advertising are showing. Instead, the top floor is presented as a solid item which are placed six meeting rooms and an interactive bar area. From outside, the visitor looks the stand like a chip from which arise various circuit lines that become graphics, illuminated strips and load points.

Client: Tech Data
Location: Barcelona
Area: 600 m2 ㎡
Program: ephemeral

Project: 2012
Construction: -
Budget: confidencial

Creative director: Edurdo Gutiérrez y Jordi Fernández
Executive director: Jordi Fernández
Team: Georgina Morales, Estel·la Bosch, Linda Penkhues y Arian Hakimi

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