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Bio-Tech Tower

Located in Taipei City, close to a urban transformation area and making facade to Tamsui river, we propose a 39-storey tower. Its facade, a big structural mesh allows a perimeter glass surface to the apartments which are connected with excellent views to the city. On the perimeter of each floor is projected a green strip that protects the interior providing a greater sense of security.
The interior of this tower of 150 meters is organized in different uses: On the ground floor there is a big hall that serves the rest of the building. The next three floors are destined for a residential club: social area, meetings, events and conferences. From the fourth floor and up to the 35th, there are three types of apartments, with large terraces and all rooms in façade. From level 36 (129’70m) appears the entertainment area: gym, pool and restaurant.

Client: Sumtect LTD
Location: Taipei
Area: 39.500 ㎡
Program: residential

Project: 2013
Construction: -

Creative director: Jordi Fernández y Eduardo Gutiérrez
Executive director: Jordi Fernández
Team: Georgina Morales, Estel·la Bosch y Arian Hakimi. 3D Visualization: PLAY-TIME

arquitectura, estrategia, renaturalizacion
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