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5 Sentidos lounge bar

A lounge bar that was born with a premise: uniqueness and an exclusive treatment for the customer. A single space that is capable of generating lots of perceptions: visual, chromatic, auditory, sensory… The solution is a three-dimensional metal grid consisting of more than 400 different pieces which are deformed, stretched, shaped and adapted to the existing architecture of the building. A single envelope that generates the space yet separating it visually. A single solution but with a multiplicity of variables.

Client: Evaristo Gallego
Location: Empuriabrava
Area: 250 m2 ㎡
Program: hotels+leisure

Project: 2005
Construction: 2006
Budget: confidencial

Director creativo: Jordi Fernández, Eduardo Gutiérrez
Líder de proyecto: Jordi Fernández
Equipo: Bernardo Magalhaes, Jordi Farell, Guillermo Beluzo y Marcelo Cortez

fotografía: Lluis Ros
arquitecto técnico: Xavier Badia (Vinclament)

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