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Mediterranean Games Masterplan 2017

In collaboration with the Project Office of the City hall of Tarragona, we developed the design and the appearance of the Campclar sports area. This place (over 250.000 square meters) will be the main area for the Mediterranean Games that are going to be in Tarragona on 2017. There will be a sports Arena for 5.000 spectators, the athletics stadium (12.000 spectators) and the aquatic center.
Another essential part of the assignment was to think the use of the complex after the games thinking in the maintenance of the buildings. For this reason it was decided that those infrastructures that will not have an economical refund over time will be temporary only during the games and those who do, like the arena will be permanent. After the games this area will become a great sports park for the enjoyment of the citizens of Tarragona and will become a great lung and connecting urban piece between the districts of Bonavista and Torreforta.

Client: Ayuntamiento de Tarragona
Location: Tarragona
Area: 250.000 m2 ㎡
Program: culture+education, planning

Project: 2015
Construction: -
Budget: confidencial

Creative director: Eduardo Gutiérrez, Jordi Fernández
Executive director: Eduardo Gutiérrez
Team: Georgina Morales, Estel·la Bosch, Nico Millán y Linda Penkhues colaboración: Oficina de Proyectos del ayuntamiento de Tarragona (OdeP) visualización 3D: Mario Echigo

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