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New Urban Growth

Near to an old urbanization of detached houses, Kalmar city council (Sweden) proposes a new urban development of 3000 housing in a coastal area with outstanding natural beauty. If this growth will continue with the same typology of houses, it would be consumed almost 27% of the territory. To avoid this situation, we propose multi-family housing (towers of 4 floors and 8 apartments) that they adapt better to the new family types and consume less than 2% of the territory. These towers also will colonize the area adjoining the existing road, and leaving the forest and coast areas to not touch the natural landscape. Another problem in the area is the flooding in the coming years, for this problem we propose the elevation of towers and the roads more than 3m above the existing terrain. So we can ensure the project’s viability in the future.

Client: Ayuntamiento de Kalmar
Location: Kalmar
Area: 1.300.000 m2 ㎡
Program: planning, residential

Project: 2013
Construction: -

Creative director: Jordi Fernández, Eduardo Gutiérrez
Executive director: Marga Ruiz
Team: Georgina Morales, Estel·la Bosch y Julia Gallardo

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