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Chengdu residential

In the district of Chengdu, next to the Tamsui River, a new large-scale residential tower is developed with 23 levels of apartments, social clubs and commercial areas. The project has different types of apartments protected by a continuous curtain wall.

Its peculiar reflective glass facade based on various outgoing cubes, makes the building changes constantly depending on reflection and external light, making a completely heterogeneous volume. With this project, the identity of the area is renewed in a unique building of great visual impact.

Client: Sumtect LTD
Location: Taipei
Area: 23.000 m2 ㎡
Program: residential

Project: 2014
Construction: -

Creative director: Jordi Fernández, Eduardo Gutiérrez
Executive director: Eduardo Gutiérrez
Team: Georgina Morales, Estel·la Bosch y Nico Millán visualización 3D: Javier Fernández y José A. Molina (Kubbs)

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