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Urban hotel

Located in the city of Almería, the hotel is designed with a more urban character in the concept of the comfort and the facility to access to one of the main avenues of the city leading to the port and the historic center, it becomes one of the main virtues of the project. Ideal for a business trip or a city break, this hotel features spacious rooms with unique comfort designed with the latest technology in terms of performance and character of its main areas. It has spacious common areas with restaurant and multiple rooms for holding events, framed in an iconic and truly contemporary architecture.

Client: privado
Location: Almería
Area: 6.000 m2 ㎡
Program: hotels+leisure

Project: 2016
Construction: -
Budget: confidencial

Creative director: Eduardo Gutiérrez, Jordi Fernández
Executive director: Eduardo Gutiérrez
Team: Nico Millán, Marc Canut, Georgina Morales y Luka Kreze

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