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About us

ON-A is an architectural firm founded in 2005 by Eduardo Gutiérrez and Jordi Fernández. From the beginning and from our first work we have tried to think each project in a unique way, taking into accounts the needs and constraints of the client but always focusing them in a creative and innovative way.


Eduardo Gutiérrez Munné

1978 born in Barcelona
2003 architect by the ETSAB of Barcelona
2005 founded the architectural firm ON-A with Jordi Fernández.

Jordi Fernández Río

1978 born in Barcelona
2003 architect by the ETSAB of Barcelona
2005 founded the architectural firm ON-A with Eduardo Gutierrez.
5 sentidos lounge bar, Empuriabrava. 2006
Estación Drassanes, Barcelona. 2009

We are very interested in finding new materials, new shapes and also the application of new technologies to the creative process. Technologies that allow us to unleash our imagination but at the same time give us full control of the construction process. During these 10 years of practice we have had the opportunity to develop from small-scale projects as our first work, the 5 Senses Lounge bar, to large projects of urban planning (Master plan of the 2017 Mediterranean Games). The variety of projects and designs is a peculiarity of our brand and the vocation to try to innovate and research into architectural practice.

Cricursa Stand at Construmat, Barcelona. 2007


ON-A means “on architects” in the sense of architects awake, alert, active, and always searching new ways to innovate. It also refers to Barcelona, the city where the office has founded, and finally to “ona” wave or wave in Catalan, an example of an element of the nature very complex but configurable.

  • emotion
  • innovation
  • codification
  • laboratory
  • architecture
  • design
  • geometry
  • technology
Sede corporativa ON-A, Barcelona. 2009

At the entrance of our office in Barcelona, can be read 8 words that summarize those ideas or concepts that move us when we design. Emotion by the continuous search of surprise in the spaces that we design, always trying to surprise the client and users. Laboratory and Innovation for the search of
new materials, shapes and ways to understand the architecture. By understanding our study as a place of creativity and research, and find the way to make every project different and unique. Geometry and Codification because we believe that the control of the geometry either simple or complex is the essence of architectural practice, and for that we need technology that today allows us the complete control of the entire construction process from the first ideas or concepts to the final execution.
And finally the architecture and design disciplines because they passionate and motivated us every day to continue working.

Pontifical seminary reform, Tarragona, 2012

Research and design

The ON-A’s laboratory and showroom in Barcelona, is a platform that encourages the research and development of new technologies and working methods in the field of architecture and construction. In this space is exposed the path of a multidisciplinary team in a sample obtained from models with 3D printing technology, and an exhibition space in which the selected projects include competitions, study cases and built projects in the last ten years of professional development.

Showroom ON-A, Barcelona.

We understand our office as an special place for exhibition and events, always open to our customers, partners and anyone interested in the field of architecture and design. We try to innovate in each project developing new concepts and ideas, this is the reason why you will find in our showroom multiple models and prototypes related to the research process of each project that we developed in the study.


From the beginning we thought that the tools must never be a limit to the development of creativity and so we have always been very aware of the use of new technologies that allow us to control the entire design process from the initial idea to the execution process. The last years the adaptation in the BIM platform (Building Information Modeling) has allowed us to increasingly control the construction process in a way that is closer to the automotive world than the traditional construction. In the projects that we have used this technology, we have experienced not only improvements in the design phase working all on one collaborative model, but also working in the management reducing significantly the unforeseen at this stage.

BIM model of the Single Family House #1409, Barcelona. 2016

BIM process scheme. Useful life of the building, unique model with coordinated information.

ON-A develop their projects from a centralized and intelligent platform where information is stored in a single three-dimensional model, thanks to the BIM technology.

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