ARQUITECTURA PLUS MAGAZINE is an annual publication that has been bringing together the best architectural practices in Spain since 2000. For its 26th issue, ON-A participated by talking about its DNA as a practice, the demands of today’s clients, and the future of their profession.
ON-A’s architecture is based on technology and research. The projects are approached in a personalised way, always seeking innovative solutions and thinking about the future management by the users. For this reason, its creative and multidisciplinary team combines disciplines such as R&D in parametric architecture, BIM management and bio-construction tools, and research into new materials and construction systems. The result is unique projects endowed with technology and emotion.
We offer tools for the management of buildings, which is highly valued. Control over the operation, conservation, and maintenance from the building model itself can generate annual energy savings of around 20% – 30%. When it comes to the end user, we have been able to observe that since the lockdown, the value of homes further away from the urban centre has increased, but they also have services, whether communal or private, that provide a higher quality of life.
The future lies in bioarchitecture. The pandemic will accelerate trends that are already emerging. On the one hand, we must improve the quality of life in cities, offering more green spaces that allow us to recover contact with nature. Our first competition in 2005 already consisted of renaturalising a large area of the city of Algeciras, the Llano Amarillo Waterfront area. We proposed a large linear park that covered the different uses demanded by the competition. Technology and new materials will also define this future. Today, we can plant vegetation on any surface (vertical gardens, green roofs, facades…) and control these systems through the use of sensors and applications, making very efficient use of water, which is the main resource to be preserved. The use of drones will also be a key factor in the development of bioarchitecture.


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