19 years inspiring, innovating and transforming

Since 2005, they have been promoting dreams and building realities: the exciting adventure of ON-A, a journey of transformation and constant growth. ON-A is an architectural studio formed by a creative and multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience in the sector, and capable of tackling each project in a unique and personalised way.


ON-A materialises into architecture everything they are capable of imagining through technology and innovation, without placing limits on ideas. Each project is a new challenge they face in a unique and singular way. They are defined by an aesthetic, and focused on understanding the client and enhancing their needs. ON-A’s architecture consists of turning what they imagine into reality.

ON-A’s first project, “5 Sentidos Lounge Bar”.
ON-A’s success would not be possible without the talent, dedication, and commitment of their team. They form a community passionate about excellence, where each member contributes their grain of sand to build an even brighter future.
Continuous training and a commitment to innovation are two of the fundamental pillars underpinning ON-A’s success.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, the ON-A space is not just a workplace, but a multidisciplinary space open to creativity, blending past, present, and future.
ON-A’s vision of the future is a commitment to new technologies and R&D, courage and uniqueness in design, solvency and experience, a close relationship, a commitment to the team, a contemporary image and processes, and a sensitivity to the renaturalisation of cities and sustainability.

ON-A space with the model of their latest international project “The Crown”, and, behind it, panels of the project “Green Nest House”, a 100% sustainable house.
“At ON-A, we are not only dedicated to building and designing unique spaces – but also to promoting dreams and turning them into tangible realities. Since our foundation, we have been travelling an exciting path full of challenges that have strengthened us, obstacles that we have overcome with tenacity, and achievements that we have celebrated with pride. Thank you for being part of this story!”– ON-A Team – 

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5 years of ON-A talks

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ON-A. InnovatiON-Architecture

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